Balancing Working And Working Out

A modern day woman is many things. She’s a boss, a chef, a personal chauffeur, housekeeper, and so much more…
Sometimes it’s easy to forget you have to take care of you! We often get into a groove and neglect our bodies and worst of all, our health.
Here are some foolproof ways to balance your work life schedule and your fitness/exercise schedule. Trust us, it’s not as hard as you think, mama!

Balancing Working And Working Out • A Mother Is, the Blog All For Mom • Ingrid & Isabel

Plan, Plan Plan:

Take a look ahead at your week and write it all out on a calendar or in a planner.  Add time slots where you know you’ll have some free time to workout. Make sure you write down any appointments, meetings, dance recitals, soccer games, so you know exactly what your week looks like. The more organized you are, the more time you’ll have to schedule your workouts. Pick the days you have the most time and plug in what exercise you plan to do!

Pick the right exercise for you:

Analyze your current physical state (this includes understanding your BMI, any postpartum conditions, muscle soreness, leg cramps, etc.) and determine what you’d like to accomplish. Maybe you want to work on your arms, that post-baby stomach, or toning those legs! It’s important you listen to your body and not push it too far. Running around the block to stretch those muscles before dinner can save you time and gas while still getting that heart rate pumping. Doing a quick 20 minute pilates session at home can help you target your core strength, while also saving driving time to the gym and back after a long day at work.

The power of the backseat:

Backseats were built to carry all of our stuff (oh yeah, and kids and groceries too…) Never underestimate the power of a spacious backseat. If you plan on going to the gym after work, throw your gym bag in your car before you head out in the morning. Don’t forget to pack gym shoes, a change of clothes you’ll be comfortable in, hair-tie, healthy protein snack, and most importantly, a water bottle. This will save you the trip home, the clothes-change, and the time it takes to drive to the gym. With a bag already packed in the car, you’re able to head right to the gym after work, then home to eat some dinner and enjoy the rest of your weekday night.

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