25 Minute Prenatal Yoga Class for All Levels with CorePower Yoga®

*video originally Formatted for @ingridandisabel's IGTV*


NamaSLAY, Mama

Looking for the perfect, easy 25 minute prenatal yoga flow you can do just about anywhere during your entire pregnancy? Have you been thinking that adding a little Yoga into your everyday routine would really make your body feel better,
and it would give you the opportunity to relax
(oh, to be able to relax again!)?

If it’s hard to find time to get into a prenatal yoga class (with work, school pick ups, + you know…that whole growing
a human thing you’ve got going on), then cozy up to this
25 minute yoga flow. It’s brought to you in collaboration with our friends at CorePower Yoga®, and it’s as easy as breathe in, breathe out. We promise you’ll love it.
And…you might even learn something new about your pregnant body (pretty cool, huh?).


How To Know if this 25 Minute Prenatal Yoga Flow is For You

  • You are a beginner Yogi (aka, you’ve never even set foot in a class and you’d rather Nahmastay in bed all day…).

  • You are an intermediate Yogi (you’ve taken a few classes here and there, but are by no means expert level).

  • You are a Pro-Yogi (inversions + headstands are totally your thing).

  • (You heard that right- by now you’ve realized that this flow is great for Yogi’s of ALL levels. SO YES, that means you, too.

    •  •  • 

    Props Needed

The Yogis in this video use blocks + straps provided by the CorePower Yoga studio.
If you don’t have any props at home, don’t be discouraged.

PRO TIP: grab a rolled up blanket and use it as a bolster. No strap? Grab a tie thats hanging around your house…or skip it all together and just use the time to breathe deeply


We hope you enjoy this flow! And please by all means, share it with all of your pregnant friends. It’s a game-changer, we promise.
And San Francisco studio manager Martha really knows her stuff.

Got questions or comments? Or maybe you’ve tried this flow and have even more mama health tips?
Send them our way in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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