Butternut Squash Harvest Noodles

Butternut squash noodles with wild mushrooms, sage, garlic and walnuts
by chef tana j duncan


Thanksgiving is an amazing time to be pregnant or a new mom, showered with adoration, big comfy sweaters and all kinds of delicious food. Its easy to overdo it on the “brown meals” during this season, here is a healthy fiber rich yet delicious side dish is sure to be appreciated.  Butternut squash delivers an ample dose of dietary fiber. It provides significant amounts of potassium, important for bone health, and vitamin B6, essential for the proper functioning of both the nervous and immune systems. Sage is an amazing herb that does not get appreciated nearly enough, traditionally used for digestive problems, including loss of appetite, gas (flatulence), stomach pain (gastritis), diarrhea, bloating, and heartburn.  Bacon is added for flavor & protein but easily omitted, substitute butter or olive oil.  One pan wonder and sure to please! 



-1 Butternut squash spiralized (either at home with a vegetable spiralizer, or can be purchased pre “noodled” at whole foods- about 12oz)

-4 slices of thick dry aged bacon, sliced into 1/2 inch slices

-5-6 shitake mushrooms, thinly sliced

-1/4lb of oyster mushrooms, pulled apart

-2 cloves of garlic finely diced

-10 sage leafs ribboned 

-1/4 c walnuts

-salt and pepper to taste

-Pomegranate & watercress garnish  (optional)



  1. In large pan, cast-iron preferred, cook your bacon on medium/high until crisp and remove with slotted spoon and set aside, if there is more grease than what coats the pan spoon out into a safe container.

  2. Lower heat to medium add the mushrooms and cook until browned.

  3. Add garlic, and sage until combined, then add the “noodles” and stir until soft 3-5 minutes.

  4. Once cooked through add bacon and transfer to serving platter, top with walnuts and garnish and enjoy! 

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