Morning Glory: Tropical Fruit Smoothie Bowl

by chef tana j duncan

MORNING GLORY: TROPICAL FRUIT SMOOTHIE BOWL • A Mother Is, The Blog All For Mom • Ingrid and Isabel

Pregnancy causes many physiological changes, one of the most prominent being digestion! With slowed digestion causing gastric distress and constipation. Low stomach acid causing heart burn and of course nausea, its good to have delicious options that actually help aid these symptoms. This tropical smoothie bowl is loaded with enzymes to aid in digestion, tons of dietary fiber and protein. You can top with granola, more fruit, nuts and seeds or slightly increase liquid and make it a smoothie! Start your morning right, mama! You deserve it. 


2 servings
In a blender add the following ingredients and enjoy!

+ 1.5-2 cup Hemp Milk 1 cup orange juice 1/2 cup mango
+ 1/2 cup pineapple 1/2 cup papaya

+ 1/2 banana
+ 1 scoop vanilla whey or preference protein (20gP) 1tbs bee pollen (5gP)
+ pinch of salt
+ Couple ice cubes

Top with berries, Chia seeds and fresh mint to enjoy

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Chef Tana • Morning Glory • A Mother Is, The Blog All For Mom • Ingrid and Isabel

Chef Tana J Duncan is a natural foods personal chef residing in Santa Cruz, CA. She is also owns Bay Area catering company, Salt & Stone Catering. With her love for cooking with natural foods, she has an incredible passion for pregnancy, women's health and the value of nutritional meals. In her spare time, you can catch Chef Tana cooking up something hot for her clients, adventuring in the city with her best friends or hanging out with her son, Zenovio. 

Follow Chef Tana on Instagram: @cheftanajduncan
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