Simple Ways To Get Rid of Toxins in your Home

by ryann donahoe

When we become mothers we seem to become aware of a lot more in this world. The food we are putting into our bodies, the things we are using in our home as well as products we are putting on our skin. Living a more “green” lifestyle has become one of the popular topics lately and most of us mama’s are thrilled about that. While it’s easy to say you want to try kicking the toxins in your home sometimes it can seem difficult to start. The most important thing to know is just start simple. If you walk into a room of your house and start reading all of the products it can become overwhelming and extremely discouraging. Here are a few ways you can start the process without the stress!


Pick a Room:

For instance start with your bathroom. Pull out the products you use the most and do little research. A helpful website when it comes to checking those ingredients is Simply plug your product in and it will tell you on a scale from 1-10 how many hidden harmful ingredients are in that one product.

Change out one product per week:

If you stumble across something that you learn isn’t the best for you simply add it to your grocery list for that next week. Let’s say you come across an article that talks about the harmful affects of dryer sheets? On you list add “wool dryer balls”.

Read Helpful and Positive articles

It’s easy to come across an article that scares you to death, makes you throw out all of the products in your home and start bathing with coconut oil. I’m here to say it doesn't have to be that way. Find positive blogs from other mama’s who have started this journey and read!


Staying positive during this process is the main thing. Everyone has used products in their life that they might have realized wasn’t exactly what they thought it was. There are many good sites and companies out there who are being transparent and aren’t trying to “green wash” there products. Beautycounter, The Honest Company, and Seventh Generation are a few we have found to be great for the whole family.

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