Acupuncture, for Fertility & Pregnancy Stages


When preparing for a new baby in your life, there is so much incoming buzz about what options are best for you and your body. We're open to lots of methods are always listening to experts in their respective fields. Last month we met up with certified acupuncturist and clinical director of Blue Ova Health in San Francisco, Robin Sheared on how Blue Ova assist women and men from fertility prep to postpartum. Watch our video segment with Robin below: (formatted for IGTV)! 

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1. Optimizing Fertility with Acupuncture, Trying to ConceivE

• Prep the soil before you plant the seed!
• For best results one should be working for 3 to 4 months with acupuncture herbs.
• If there are two parents, both parties should be working on proper body nutrients.
• Açaí is one of the first supplements suggested.

2. Trimester 1 

• Listen to your body and rest!
• Certain acupuncture points on the wrist can prevent nausea.
• Warm foods that are easy to digest are best.
• Try dabbing peppermint on your wrist and back of your ears to ease that heightened sense of smell.

3. Trimester 2

• Leg cramps are common, use magnesium cream to massage out leg cramps.
• Probiotics will will support the digestive system and are helpful to Mama + Babe!
• Helps build up vaginal flora for optimal labor.

4. Trimester 3

• Helping your body to her thing! 
• If induction is necessary, sending strong signals to Baby that it is time!
• If baby is breached treatments will create the ideal environment for Baby to be head down.

5. Trimester 4, Postpartum 

• These first 42 days will determine health for the next 42 years.
• Helping uterus shrink and warm up: Mother roasting.
• Continue eating warm food.
• Supporting mother to produce adequate amount of milk .

Co Founders: Robin Sheared (left) and Shannon Kidwell (right)

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