A Letter from the Editor


We're so excited to officially announce that Ingrid & Isabel has a blog! Here at the I&I headquarters, we are beyond thrilled to finally provide an online space that caters and celebrates all things motherhood. A Mother Is will cover topics ranging from style & beauty trends, mama-friendly recipes and wellness advice, plus lifestyle tips for before, during, and well-after your pregnancy. Our goal is to provide a platform of inspiration, information that's all for mom. A place where your voice is heard and above all, important.  We are thrilled that you've landed here, and that you will be joining our community of awe-inspiring mamas who are making it all happen (and yes, that includes you). 


To get you started on how to navigate your way around the blog, here's a quick "What to Expect" below: 

Style & Beauty:

STYLE: We're continuously inspired by the many ways you ask for us to design maternity fashion for mom without compromising trends and personal style. This space on the blog aims to inspire you.  We will be showcasing everything from our favorite baby shower dresses to casual everyday looks. Expect profiles from your favorite mommy-bloggers, and personal insider tips & trends from Ingrid & Isabel's design staff.  

BEAUTY: Expect must-try products that all our favorite bloggers are buzzing about. Join the clean beauty conversation, and learn about products that are safe and AH-MAY-ZING for all mamas. 



Ever want to know what's happening behind-the-scenes at the Ingrid & Isabel HQ? Here you'll get the inside scoop on all mom-centered events at our company. We'll be re-introducing ourselves individually with employee highlights as well as dishing up the latest via social media and IRL. Lots going on in this section, so keep your eyes peeled. We hope to give you an inside peek and front row seat at what goes on at our fast-paced, mom-driven retail brand.  


Food & Wellness: 

FOOD: Hope you have an appetite when scrolling through our Food + Wellness section! Expect yummy recipes from local, renowned natural food chefs. If you've ever wondered "Is Turmeric Harmful for Baby During Pregnancy?" or "How Much Protein Should One Eat?" then you're in the right section.   Lots of delicious conversation heading your way and we're excited for you to jump in.

WELLNESS: Here you'll find everything from staying fit before, during, and after pregnancy, to wellness tips from acupuncturists and OBGYNS.  Learn how to stay centered with mama-meditation or find the right adaptogen to add to your daily morning matcha. Our contributors are all leaders in the field of mom and we can't wait for you to meet them.  

Mama Life:

This is where you'll find all things motherhood related. An area of the blog where your questions on 'balance after baby' and 'how other moms are coping' during and throughout postpartum will be answered. Learn how to develop the perfect sleep schedule and expect tips on what a healthy good night's sleep looks like for you and your babe. This area of the blog is definitely a place we'd love for more moms to contribute and let their voice be heard!

Be on the lookout for more content in the future and sign up for our "A Mother Is" newsletter to stay updated on new content!


Jessica Egbu
Social Media Manager, Ingrid & Isabel
Editor of A Mother Is


* * * G I V E A W A Y   A L E R T * * * 

TODAY IS OUR THIRD AND FINAL DAY OF GIVEAWAYS THIS WEEK! Thank you to all those who participated on Monday & Tuesday. As mentioned we're looking to make our blog, A Mother Is, a safe space for moms and moms-to-be to be their authentic selves with no judgment, only respect. This is a platform ALL FOR MOM, a place of inspiration and information. 

We want to hear from YOU! To enter our contest, follow the rules below for a chance to win our Nursing Essentials Set (Cozy Wrap, Seamless Drop Cup Pullover Nursing Bra & Crossover Maternity & Nursing Tank): 

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