Mama Stories: Amanda Scott

Earlier this year, we chatted with lifestyle blogger and mother of 4, Amanda Scott. She’s stay-at-home mama turned mom-preneur behind the blog, Little Southern Life, established in 2011.
On her LSL, you can find Amanda sharing her life as an mama, wife and devoted christian living in the southern country Florence, South Carolina. Read more as she let’s you in on her perspective on motherhood, her expectations, her truths and her love for binging Netflix when she has a few moments off. You can find Amanda on Instagram or her blog!

What’s it like to be a mother of 3 and with one on the way? 

It's definitely interesting. There is always something going on at any given moment. It makes me appreciate that I have three little people who love me and soon another one will be here. Seeing them all together makes my heart so happy. I was so much younger than all of my siblings, it amazes me to watch them all together because they are so close in age. 

What were some of your favorite foods to eat during your pregnancies?

It changes SO much with each pregnancy. With Nolan it was peaches and watermelon, Harper made me love turnip greens and key lime pie (which I had never eaten until I was pregnant with her). Scarlet Reese made me fall in love with oranges and pickled okra and this little babe has me wanting boiled peanuts and avocado toast with a runny egg on top!

Name some products you can’t live without? (Can be motherhood related, beauty, food, clothes, fitness, etc.)

Maternity underwear FOR SURE! Comfortable dresses that are stylish, a bright lipstick for days when I don't feel like putting a lot of makeup on, a bottle of water because I am a camel during pregnancy and Peppermint oil for nausea and headaches.

What are some things you are passionate about when it comes to parenting?

Showing my children that I love them, no matter what and helping them learn through their mistakes. I didn't grow up being told "I love you" that often and it's something that I say countless times to my children throughout the day. They know that their Mama will always be there for them. I would also say that setting boundaries and following through with consequences is HUGE... I've seen that if I don't practice what I preach with them they don't take me seriously.

Before your children, what did you perceive pregnancy and motherhood would be like?

Honestly, I thought it would be a lot easier but obviously now I can laugh about that idea. It's hard but it's the most hard, REWARDING experiences you could ever ask for.

Was there anything you weren’t prepared for? How have you overcome?

I wasn't prepared for how intense I was with my first child verses how laid back I am now that my fourth is almost here. I said a lot "my kids will never....." that now they do!
Parenting is learning as you go and I can say that doing what you feel is best for you and your littles is most important. Take other people's opinions with a grain of salt.

What are some parenting tricks that you can’t live without?

A rewards system to reinforce boundaries. I have a prize drawer filled with Target dollar bin goodies that the kids get to choose from when they have good behavior or accomplish certain goals with their school work. We also go do fun things like baseball games, trips to Chuck E. Cheese or the beach if they show kindness to one another and respect to myself and my husband.

When you have a night-off (if you do), what can we catch you doing?

Binging on Netflix. I cannot get enough! It's so nice to get sucked into a good tv series after being "mom" all day.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a mama-to-be?

Give yourself grace. You can only do so much during the day. Don't get overwhelmed and feel disappointed if your to-do list doesn't get completely crossed off.
Do what you can, when you can and know that your children will love you if you choose to spend focused time on them.