Rebuilding + Hormone Balancing After Pregnancy

By Robin Sheared LAc, FABORM


Many cultures have traditional practices surrounding the first 30-40 days following birth. In Chinese Medicine, the first 40 days is called the Golden Month.
During this time, the mother needs support to rebuild her body and balance her hormones.  The mother also needs to focus on resting, bonding and feeding her baby. This will strengthen the mother. The mother should have nourishing foods, acupuncture and massage to promote recovery during this time.
Pregnancy depletes the mother’s body of omega 3 fats, vitamin B12, B9, iron, zinc,
iodine and selenium stores and specific amino acids from proteins so we need to rebuild at this time.


The Golden Month is really important as it resets a women’s long term health.

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For recovery, the mother should eat chicken and beef for protein, and include broth made with chicken or beef with her meals when she can.  We want ginger to warm the mama, along with red dates, goji berries, mushrooms, squash and adzuki beans. This warm and healthful diet, eaten individually or combined into a soup, will rebalance her body.  Drinking raspberry and nettle teas can help support breast milk and recovery also.

Acupuncture helps rebalance and rebuild the body after birth. Chinese medicine uses warming heat therapy with moxa, or mugwort, over acupuncture points to send signals to rebuild the body.  Common acupuncture points are on the sacrum and abdomen.

The process of growing and birthing your baby takes a great amount of energy during pregnancy. In Chinese Medicine this is called Jing. After birth, there needs to be a period of time where the mama can rebuild her Jing. After all this energy has been expended, now is the time to rebuild.  Your body will have trouble rebuilding when the jing gets significantly depleted.


We encourage mothers to embrace the Golden month.
The most important thing for mothers to do postpartum will be focusing on bonding with your baby, resting, and recovering.

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