it’s the month of love, Mama! you owe yourself the love you give so freely to other people.
And you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

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Figure out what makes your heart do flip-flops + do more of it. Go on a date with your tried + true, eat that ice cream, or indulge in an extra long (but not-too-hot) bubble bath.

You are growing a human, you deserve a little icing on that cake.

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Sweat or just walk. Run or skip. Choose pavement or rocky path. Whatever you do, honor your needs.

And remember: Nobody in the history of forever has ever regretted taking a walk or breaking a sweat.

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Meditate. Sleep when your body is craving it. Know when to tap out. Lay around and finally binge watch the umpteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy. (And if you’re going that route, always add snacks).

Know that nothing says “I Love Me” more than rest.

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