Mamas Who Make It Happen: Rosie Johnston

We're always so inspired by mothers who are out on their grind, making an impact in the world in their own right. Our current source of mama inspiration takes us down the California coast where we meet mother of 3, Rosie Johnston. Rosie is an Australia transplant living in LA where she's founder of blogger-buzzing eco-friendly beauty company, by/ Rosie Jane. We met with the fragrance boss and talked beauty secrets, the future of clean beauty and the exciting things happening for by/ Rosie Jane in the future.  CLICK TO WATCH OUR INTERVIEW WITH ROSIE!

What are you favorite beauty trends right now? 

I really love this movement that is about inclusive beauty. Especially coming from the make up industry and being a makeup artist. ANYTHING GOES now. Whether you’re a guy or girl, or whatever or both. Everything is just about being you and love that about what’s happening in the beauty industry. I also love the whole movement of skincare as makeup. Skincare has always been great but right now it’s never been more accepted to wear no makeup to work. And I like that. I like that turning up with a clean face is still considered groomed

Where do you see the beauty industry
heading in the next 5-10 years? 

I think that there’s going to be a blending of sustainable ingredients and natural ingredients, as opposed to just 100% natural. There’s been a bit of a feeding frenzy at the moment about natural vs. synthetics, and I think there’s a lot of space there for education . I love the combination of both of them together. There are a lot of synthetics that are really safe, eco-friendly and sustainable and there are a lot of naturals that are dangerous. People don’t know enough about them so they assume “natural” is “good”. So I would love for the education to come more around them, and then I think in the 5-10 years it’ll be like a happy marriage between the two to create non-toxic safe products. 

What’s one beauty product you can’t live without? 

The one product that I really never leave the house with is the Check + Lip gloss in Marigold, from the day that I created it I’ve loved it! It’s easy, multi-purpose, makes me feel like I’ve made a little bit of effort even if I’ve made none. That, and mascara! Laura Mercier’s Long-Lash Mascara! Those two products I would never be caught dead without. 

Anything new happening with
By Rosie Jane that you can give us a teaser on?

Yes, there’s a lot actually. So we just launched on and we have an exclusive set coming for them, but I can’t tell you when ;). AND we are getting ready to launch our 5th fragrance, which is like my little love letter to Los Angeles and that will be in September.   

Tell us a little about yourself? 

I’m originally from Sydney, Australia but I moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago and fell in love with LA. I think I’m one of the rare people who truly love Los Angeles. I was a makeup artist (I still consider myself a makeup artist, but don’t do much of it anymore) and I did that for a long time and it kind of parlayed into my beauty line. 


How did you get started with By Rosie Jane? 

I was doing makeup and I had started a little makeup line that was originally Rosie Jane Cosmetics, which did pretty well, but the crash of 2008 happened and we lost a lot of stores and baby boutiques. A colleague of mine was like “Have you thought about doing a fragrance?" And I was like “No, I am definitely not a fragrance person, I really don’t wear fragrance.” But as a makeup artist I was always aware of how I smelled, so I was like “You know, I’m gonna see if there's a fragrance that I can make that I like. I don’t really like anything that’s out there that much.” So, I had a girlfriend come over, we had a bottle of wine, I ordered some individual oils from online, I just started mixing and Leila Lou was born. That was my first fragrance named after my eldest daughter. I would wear it personally just for a while to see if I liked it and the response I was getting was so amazing that I was like “I’m gonna make this!” and it just kinda started from there. And then, it sort of parlayed a little more into the clean arena because I had made it prior to having my daughter and then I was pregnant and then I was realizing that I was mixing all these fragrance and I had absolutely no idea what was in it. So I went to a true perfumer, and sat down with them saying “I want it smell like this but I want it to not be harmful for me, for breastfeeding, for any of those things!” And that was kind of the beginning of what is now by/ Rosie Jane.

What does clean beauty mean to you?

“Clean Beauty” for me is a bit of a straddle of the fence. It means “clean “which is products that are non-toxic and also sustainable. So, I would consider myself more “eco-clean beauty” than “natural clean beauty”... I love naturals, but I like the combination of the sciences to create products that are really non-toxic and sustainable. That’s the most important thing to me.
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