Quick Tips on How to Style Your Maternity Wardrobe


by kira-marie burr

As a mom of two with one on the way, I’m hoping this will be some friendly, helpful advice to first time pregnant moms on how to shop for the new wardrobe you suddenly need. I learned this all the hard way, after having my first child Maddox.  

First, if you’re planning to breastfeed, I must state the importance of having "nursing friendly" clothing. I wasted a TON of money on maternity clothes. Being a first time mom I purchased cute (rarely comfortable) items that I could only wear while pregnant. I didn't realize that there would be an entire "in-between phase," that period of time after the baby is born but before I was able to fit back into pre-baby clothing. Add in the fact that because I was nursing and needed nursing friendly clothing options as well, and none of my maternity clothing qualified.

 Now that I'm on to baby #3, experience has made me much smarter! This time I bought comfortable, nursing friendly options from Isabel & Iris that can be worn throughout pregnancy, during the "in-between" phase and as long as I am nursing. And they are cute enough to make me want to wear them that whole time!

 So, if I were to give advice to a new mom, these are a few key tips I've picked up along the way.


1. Start with Your Basics

Bellaband®, maternity/nursing tank tops, and leggings. I love Bellaband® because they allowed me to wear my current non-maternity longer. They extend the length of the shirts and cover the top of jeans so I could use the “rubber band around the jeans” trick. Maternity tanks and leggings are a MUST! Besides comfort, they’re so versatile they allowed me to mix in my non-maternity pieces. Which brings me to my next tip.


2. Fill in with Your Own Wardrobe

Cardigans and sweaters are the easiest things to add and layer on top of maternity tank tops.


3.Comfy Dresses

I love dresses because I can wear them throughout my entire pregnancy. If you have been pregnant during the summer you know comfort is especially key! And by adding a sweater and boots you can easily transition a summer dress to winter. They are also great to wear after the baby arrives for the "in between" phase. All the dresses I got from Ingrid and Isabel are nursing friendly as well. 

I've been LIVING in Ingrid & Isabel's Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress. It is so soft, comfortable enough to wear around the house (while chasing my two crazy kids), yet easily "dressed up" with a jacket and boots for a night out with the hubby.  



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