Meet The Bellaband®

Newly pregnant?
MEET The Bellaband® — trust us, you'll need it

It's a universal moment. One of the challenges when you become pregnant is having to adjust personal style. Especially when you have to give up the clothes that you love to regularly wear. We all know women are really passionate about their bottoms, their jeans, their denim. So it's often really hard to part with them, especially when your belly is changing. You don't know how it's going to change and what it's going to change into. Yet you know that you're going to have to buy jeans that, in some cases, you may not even fit into yet. This very moment inspired our most cherished invention, The Bellaband®, holding up pants since 2001.

Our founder, Ingrid Carney, had that morning where she discovered nothing fit. She was not ready for maternity, she didn't want to spend the money nor did she want to change her style. So the Bellaband® was invented to get more life out of her own clothes. The Bellaband® is not only a tool, but an accessory for you to maintain your favorite pieces in your wardrobe during all those transitional moments that come during and after pregnancy. It's nothing that anyone else sees, it's private, it's for you to just be yourself. 

Meet the Bellaband • A Mother Is, the blog • Ingrid & Isabel
Meet the Bellaband • A Mother Is, the blog • Ingrid & Isabel



Just Pregnant

Wear folded over to hold up
unbuttoned pre-pregnancy jeans,
pants, skirts, shorts… any bottoms.


Really Pregnant

Wear full panel or folded over to
hold up maternity pants that are
slipping or falling down.


With Baby

Wear with too-loose maternity
pants or too-tight pre-pregnancy
jeans to ease the transition.


Here's how it works: 

Comfortably put your pants on and leave them unzipped

Pull the Bellaband® up to cover zipper, drawstring, etc.

Place your shirt over the Bellaband for full coverage



One family, two Bellabands®. Here’s the difference

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