2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Every Mama


Happy Holidays, Mama!

It’s officially gifting season (YAY!), and we are SO EXCITED to be able to offer you a Holiday Gift Guide that serves every mama on your list (including yourself). Gifting maternity clothing is hard to say the least- its definitely unchartered gifting territory.
And let’s face the facts- every pregnant body is different, and every pregnant woman has different needs during her pregnancy.
BUT- there are some needs + commonalities amongst all pregnancies, and we hope our gift guide will show you the gifting way.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Every Mama • Ingrid & Isabel

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We created 5 distinct mama profiles to
shop by so you can make sure your gift is a home run:

Gifts include a pregnancy starter set, Bellaband duo, + more.

Gifts include a hospital to home set, + more!

Gifts include a nursing essentials set, sleep bra trio, + more!

Gifts include Mama + Babe hats, jackets (for non-pregnant and pregnant), a 14K gold plated mama script necklace, + more!

Gifts include all the things. Because let’s face it- you know what you want, mama.


We also divided our Gift Guide into 2 simple gifting categories: Gifts For Every Budget Under $50 + Splurge-Worthy Finds.

So get to work- Santa! It’s all mapped out for ya- and it’s time to fire up that sleigh.


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